The Sebel Playford

So on the weekend I had a function to attend at the Sebel Playford, having gone here a few times, I had high expectations…!

Menu taken from my friends photos as mine was quite blurry:

So the night started off with an entree:

Which was large prawn with the head and tail intact, but skin removed from the centre.
The green blobs were avocado, my friend and I were hoping the green stuff was avocado and the red slices were salmon.

We were dissapointed however when we found out that was not salmon, but tomoato :(!!

Underneath the prawn was so Bug tail mash, in mine however I found there was still some skin, which made it less appetising :(.

The dip with the Tobiko balls at the bottom of the plate was delicous! And mixed well with the plate.. Good presentation , but needs a little more work on making sure shells are all removed.


After an hour or so later, past 9 pm I think it was the Mains came out…everyone was very hungry by then.


This consisted of a chicken wrapped in what I thught was bacon, a peice of beef with spinach on top and a lasagne like pot…interesting design!

This was enough for a girl like me, but not for a growing guy like my boyfriend who expected much more 😛

Comments: Chicken was avery dry and not tasty, same with the meat around it-Okay checked its called Jamon Roulade ! Definetly needs improvement…! Beef was slightly better, hard to cut, however some parts were nice and juicy. The little pot which was like a healthier version of a lasagne to me…was okay… lacked any punch or interest to it…interesting concept and plating up I need to admit. There was also some pumpkin smash smeared along the plate..All in all the three parts of the dish didn’t go that well together 😦


Sorry for bad quality photo of the Dessert, as lighting was bad and I forgot to bring my flash =.=;; If you can see its a Dark Chocolate and ALmond Fudge cake, with cream on the side.. Unfortunately it wasn’t ice cream 😦 I dont like cream or chocolate that much :P! But i guess every one was dancing and stuff not many people were at the table at the same time as dessert being served, so many icecreams would have melted I guess..

So it wasnt a big hit for me..the decorations with strawberries and mixed berries was nice!
Presentation for mine was good, however as  i looked around I saw everyones was different, some looked good, some looked very bad…not consistent.

The cake wasn’t too rich, I was looking for the almond though, couldn’t taste any…:(
The boyfriend finished most of my cake off and I stole his berries, good trade..!


**Update: Stolen from my friend:

See the differences?


Apologies another bad photo , this is the Petit Fours.

Just chocolates for us at the end. Nothing special, I tried one mint chocolate, thought it was nuts…bit dissapointed once again 😦

Despite all the disappointments that night, it was still a great night for me!

Service was pretty good !  Waiters were nice and helpful , which is an improvement form the last time I went…

The food could of been faster, but yes there was a lot of people that night…

Quality of food needs to be upped a bit, especially for the high price we paid to go there..

Decorations of place and of food, good, just need to work on that consistency..

Worth the try if you have time or money 🙂 Just a note out there this is a place that you can try with the “Festival of Food Voucher”  which is a really value for money voucher you collect stamps with.

Score: 6.5/10

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St Louis-House of Fine Ice Cream and Dessert


I stumbled upon this place one night, when looking for dessert, I hadn’t really had a proper dinner~ but that doesn’t deter me away from getting dessert first :P!

After passing San churros, Dessert story and so forth, I came upon St Louis. I have heard it was good from people, but had yet to try the place and I was looking forward to it…However as we walked in we saw the tables were all full..we were thinking of leaving, but then a waiter came out and asked us if we were willing to wait about 10 minutes, we decided to wait…and not within a few minutes later about 2-3 people left and alas we were seated quickly after the tables were cleared. :)!

We were handed very beautiful hard cover menus which had beautiful pictures inside, it felt like a book and it contained the background story of the place and had the menu within..

I must also comment on the beautiful interior decoration, not having been to France before, I can’t really comment on the similiarity..but the place had a nice vibe to it , and the beautiful lantern style lights at the top gave it an awesome feeling…

20130815_220027 Lantern lights at the ceiling

As a bit hungry I decided on a savoury crepe and my companion decided on a dessert crepe, and of course we decided to share.

I ordered the Smoke Salmon Crepe and my companion got a dessert crepe with banana and sweet caramel sauce with icecream.
Unfortunately I forgot the names of these crepes! Just note that you need to go up to the counter to order~..

I love salmon , and I love crepes, In every crepe place I got to , I must try the salmon crepes! Dessert crepes are not my thing usually :P!

I recieved the crepe about 15-20 minutes later, gave us plenty of time to chat and to take photos of the decor.

When they came, both came at the same time. The cultery was given to in a beautiful paper pouch with a napkin inside, nice touch :D!


We ate the dessert first, as it was melting~! The crepe is still warm and it was delicious~! However, I am not a big fan of caramel and things that are too sweet, so I found the dessert crepe a bit too much sugar overload for me..thus I looked forward to the savoury~ this was $12.90

20130815_220708[1] Banana Caramel Crepe

The savoury was awesome! There was a generous amount of salmon in the crepe, however when cut in half, we found most of salmon was distributed on one side, not a problem unless sharing. Inside is also fresh avocado and to the side of the plate is some fresh greens. Not sure what was on the side plate, but think it was sour cream ??? But it added a nice flavour to the crepe.

20130815_220638[1]Salmon Crepe

Not sure if I was very hungry, but this was very nice! I would not mind going there again, the price is also not too bad, $12.90 a crepe, cheaper that Carpe Diem Crepe, but waaayy more filling and delicious! I would come back more often, if it wasn’t so far away from my uni~ :P!!

Comparing with mothers crepe, yes its more expensive ~ However I feel so much more satisfied having this crepe, mothers crepes salmon crepe is also not that filling, more like a snack. I think I also prefer eating crepes on a plate rather than wrapper up, it just makes the experience so much nicer and not so messy.

I highly recommend the salmon crepe, if deciding a crepe. However, as I haven’t yet tried the rest, soo I’d say you can’t really go wrong with anything.

I would definitely go again sometime just to try what else they have on offer!


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I give this place a 8/10 at the moment as only have tasted two of their menu, friendly staff, nice decor and nice food.!

Photos all up now 🙂

Zen Kitchen! Vietnemese Street Week~



Teriyaki chicken Rice Pastry~


Both are costing $5 each.. as a special introductory offer..

I say, SNACK!

Not for lunch unfortunately…leaves you hungry still.


Roast Pork rice pastry roll


These are also called Banh Cuon…aka Rice Pastry Rolls.

The photos look very tempting…however the meat choice on top is very scarce…the rice pastry itself was small in its amounts.however very tasty…It was similar to the Chinese rice rolls, but smaller…and not so slimy , as it was dry..

Besides the different toppings the base is generally the same, has the salad part think there was cucumber carrot, fried onion shallots, and a med spicy try sauce to go along with it.

It was takeaway only we took it outside the shop to eat it.

I wouldn’t pay anything more than $5 for it, saying that I did not return that week to get a second serve, as it was a filling $5 lunch…

Nice effort, good presentation.but the amount given is not adequate, when its not $5 I m not sure it would be popular..

The rice pastry is given a 6/10 for me.


This was also part of Vietnamese street food week. They call this the Bun Bowls!
Which is a takeaway bowl of salad..and on the top is different toppings..

The choice of Spicy Lemon Grass Chicken, Roast Pork, Pork Meatloaf or House Special Combination. Spring rolls -Prawn and Pork or Vegetarian…I think!


Their quote of what was inside form their FB page:
“Rice vermicelli, pickled carrots, salads and a selection of grilled meats. topped with fried shallots, crushed peanuts and a sweet fish sauce on the side. It’s be a treat for your taste buds! yummmy”

This was much better than the Rice Pastry rolls! Filling content, they are going to be sold for $9.90  and for that week was  $5.

I went TWICE that week! It was just so good, I told my friends about it and brought the BF there.

For me, I love combinations and I tried the combination one TWICE…..I am afraid of new things…however , I also did sample the boyfriends spicy lemon grass aswell :3..


This is the Boyfriends SPicy Lemon grass Chicken Bowl…It is not THAT spicy…but has enough for taste…very good texture and not too dry…tasty~~~




This is my House Special Combination, that includes a spring roll chopped up, red meat loaf (which was sweet and new thing, not a big thing I liked…), Roast Pork (delicious but fat 😦  ) with fried onion shallots. Quite DRY. Sauce was provided, but it was no adequate enough. The first time I went there was more sauce…and the two of us had sauce to share! Second time round later in the week they stinged out on the sauce and mine was much too dry :(!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sauce was a sweet chilli style sauce in a takeaway container.



The staff stated it was takeaway when we took the food only, so another way of saying, you can’t eat in here…so we had to find tables outside the shop…understandable…however we felt why not let us have a seat if theres so many?


SO other that service was not too great overall, they provided us everything to takeaway…even when we went outside their shop, funny looks were given to us…a bit rude I think!  But ofcourse that was by a few staff only…

I give the salad bowl a 8/10, for the $5 price its value! $10,  I dont think so…I can get soonta salad bowel for about $7-$8, and that was really tasty!! Stick around $5-6 and they would right.. And more sauce please!!!!

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Carpe Diem Creperie

I have stumbled upon this place by accident, when searching for a gluten free place to eat in the city, as my friend has Coeliac disease..

This is the menu , which gives you a choice of sweet or dessert!

As it was lunch time, we all chose savoury.


We were seated upstairs of the cafe, which has interesting decor and we shared a table with other customers, as the cafe was quite busy.


Interesting way to give culterly. My friend went to order for all three of us,so that we could keep our table. The line was very long and she waited a long time…

Nice decor, and I saw my friend sitting in the window by chance!


Crepes took a long time to arrive, we were quite hungry by that time. They did not come all at once, but more one by one…so whatever was hot before was definetely cold by the time the last crepe came, which was a bit dissapointing, as we all waited for each other before eating..


This was my friends crepe or Galette, it had tomatoes, cheese and meat I think! can’t remember exactly sorry! But she said it was quite nice..

My other friend and I both got the Salmon crepe, quite dissapointing for me really…was quite hungry after…presentation horrible…But what can we expect for a gluten free crepe I guess?? There was a very thin slice of smoked salmon with cheese and some cream cheese/dill on top…..

Very thin, the taste is alright…but just feel like I am paying $14.50 for this..I will still be hungry later…

Just a warning, this isnt lunch, but a snack really!

Perhaps a different crepe would be more filling…

But I have no intention to go back at the moment,
but I do recommend this plcae for people with Gluten Free or are vegetarians… As the taste is good…

But for people like me who are none of the above, its not really my piece of cake :P!!

I rate this 5.5/10 …

Service slow, expensive, not filling…etc..

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Shiki -Teppanyaki

So the story begins of a surprise bookin at the famous Japanese Restaurant Shiki, located in the Hotel Intercontinental.

As my first time here, I was quite excited!

I must comment the service here is amazing!

We were seated at corner of the teppanyaki table (a large bbq style hot plate). We were then offered towels to clean our hands and handed the menu. Unfortunately I didnt take a photo of the menu :(! After each course, both our plates were cleared and we were given different plates to prepare us for the next course!

But lets just say there was a lot of choice~ and what caught our eye was the banquet meal sets, which everyone else seemed to order. If you did the math, you save quite a lot with the banquet teppankayki sets.

Asking our friendly waiter if it would be alright to share one set between two, she said “Of course!”

Glad with our order, we ordered the mid-priced which was about $120 if i recall…we also ordered a Main-size of sashimi, which I heard Shiki was famous for!

We were quite early and tablets were not yet full.

Heres a photo of our main Sashimi! which was about $24.
Generous , delicous , melt in your mouth fresh sashimi! There was salmon, tuna and I think it was king fish.
No stomach aches after this sashimi. Also LOVE the beautiful presentation.


This was a complimentary soba noodles, we got one each! We were worried as we had told them we would share, but they reassured us, this was free :)! We also shared a beuatiful pot of green tea included in the banquet, which was quite strong, but strong is authentic in my eyes. It was lovely how they treated us so well depsite only sharing the set…

Entree sashimi, that was included in the banquet. Very impressive as it was sliced thinly, I was glad we ordered the main as the entree size is quite small and we wouldn’t have been satisfied with just this 😛
Salmon and king fish (?)


A photo of how the teppanyaki set was like. Food is cooked directly infront of you. If you are not scared of the big fire chucked on to alcohol when cooking the beef (or big meats) sit where we sat, in the corner where the fire always seemed to be. If you are scared , like me, ask to be sat away from the fire ..i.e. anywhere else besides where we sat…

The fire did make the night not so majical, as the smoke and everything really gets into your eyes and clothes…I had to cover my face as I felt my contacts felt dry and I was scared it will melt..
I feel sorry for the chefs who are even closer to that fire.


Unfortunately, the food was eaten quite quickly, so not all of the dishes had photos..
with my dodgy memory, I also remember a delicious tempura of prawns and vegetables, teriyaki chicken and a medium delicious beef cooked in front of us with the teppanyaki, there was also asian greens.

Also a beautiful mushroom soup at the end with oyster mushrooms, was delicous.

Besides the beautiful sashimi, a delicous dessert finished the night off. it was definetly a highlight~ It looked beautiful and reminded me of the cake made by master chef contestants in a pressure test a few years back… Not being a big fan of chocolate, this was still AWESOME in my eyes.. No strong chocolate taste, it was light, the ice cream was delicous..!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shiki, I give an 8.5/10!! definetely will be back some day, a bit pricey, but worth the experience!

Great service, great food and a lovely place to spend a night with someone special or with friends :)!!

You can be assured no dodgy things will be done to your food!

Goochisousama deshita~!!

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K Sushi and hairdresser on corner of St Bernards Road and Magill Middle School



First post of this brand new blog about upcoming new or interesting places that I go to eat.

I feel that this blog can help expose the small gems of unique, new or rare finds in Adelaide that are not as popularly blogged about.

I saw K Sushi Bar and Hairdresser on St Bernards Road a few months back, but never had the opportunity to try it out!
We were always curious at what was inside, was it a hairdresser or did it sell sushi?!?!

My first endeavor today led me to this place as I hadn’t eaten all day, and I just felt like…something healthy , quick yet close and convenient. this place was All three, as it is close to my boyfriends house. :3

“I went in and asked, do you sell sushi?? “..then I saw this….

A bit of a silly question as I saw all the rolls were already  wrapped up there, I was a bit disappointed initially as I was hoping it would be freshly made sushi to order, however that disappointingly quickly dissipated when the owner told me it was ‘happy hour’ buy two get one free! Awesome! But a bit sad for them as it was only about 2 pm !


hmm the Boyfriend said I could choose two and he would choose one, as he had already eaten…

So many choices to pick from! The hardest part was choosing..there were selections such as Teriyaki chicken, Salmon and Avacado, Pumpkin and Avocado and you can see the rest up there!  Also Tempura Chicken, Tempura Squid and Tempura Prawn… a wide range!
Some very unique, and some very regular favorites.

The boyfriend chose his teriyaki chicken, and I chose my favourite salmon and avocado and the last one was a mutual choice of tempura squid! Something I don’t see often!!  Here’s a photo of the take away box, soy sauce and wasabi was offered free of charge a great bonus!

The amounts of teriyaki chicken and salmon was very generous and very tasty! Perhaps I was really hungry, but honestly I did not feel ripped off at all. It was aesthetically pleasing  and tastes fresh, not like something old.



hmm as he was paying, I decided to take some photos around and then saw this area of HOT food…being an especially cold and rainy day, thats just what I need!
The hot section had a selection of random tasty things! A mixture of Chinese korean and Japanese hot food. There was pototoe croquette, 2 for $3 . Dumplings (sold out), Spring rolls and Dagwood dog. Random, but all looked tasty, the dagwood dog was made of korean sausage i was told! Couldn’t help but also ask for one and the boyfriend agreed. Three sauces were offered, Mustard, Tomatoe or Bbq,  all of them are excellent choices.

In the end we had two sauces added to the dagwood dog, mustard and tomotoe as I found out the boyfriend doesn;t like mustard!



They also sold desserts! Thought not made by them, but ordered, they looked so tempting and the price was reasonable also.


We stayed for a bit and chatted to the friendly owner, who was from South Korea. She told me it was a family run business that hires some staff to help out.  Business doesn’t seem too good for them at the moment, as it is quite cold and its quite hard to turn into that place from St bernards, we had to do a U-turn to get there.

As we were finishing the dagwood dog, the owner asked us are we going home?
We said yes, and she passed us two potato croquettes and said, take these ><!
WE offered to pay, however she said , no its okay! Tell others to come here!

We said, Sure thing!

And hence, the first post of this blog, goes to them, great customer service , good and just a nice place to chill or get a haircut, $20.!


I give this place a 6.5/10,  room for improvement, however I didn’t try their coffee, which looked very tempting . Lots of tables to just sit and relax, before or after getting a haircut from the lady who has 18 years of experience in Korea as a hairdresser already.  You can get a haircut and coffee at the same time, interesting buisness link. there was some deals about spending over a specific amount and getting $2 coffee, I haven;t taken a photo yet though. Im sure in time, there will be more added to the menu as they develop a bigger customer base.


However, I shall endeavour to come again! As I like the location and the sushi was nice ! ^^

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