K Sushi and hairdresser on corner of St Bernards Road and Magill Middle School



First post of this brand new blog about upcoming new or interesting places that I go to eat.

I feel that this blog can help expose the small gems of unique, new or rare finds in Adelaide that are not as popularly blogged about.

I saw K Sushi Bar and Hairdresser on St Bernards Road a few months back, but never had the opportunity to try it out!
We were always curious at what was inside, was it a hairdresser or did it sell sushi?!?!

My first endeavor today led me to this place as I hadn’t eaten all day, and I just felt like…something healthy , quick yet close and convenient. this place was All three, as it is close to my boyfriends house. :3

“I went in and asked, do you sell sushi?? “..then I saw this….

A bit of a silly question as I saw all the rolls were already  wrapped up there, I was a bit disappointed initially as I was hoping it would be freshly made sushi to order, however that disappointingly quickly dissipated when the owner told me it was ‘happy hour’ buy two get one free! Awesome! But a bit sad for them as it was only about 2 pm !


hmm the Boyfriend said I could choose two and he would choose one, as he had already eaten…

So many choices to pick from! The hardest part was choosing..there were selections such as Teriyaki chicken, Salmon and Avacado, Pumpkin and Avocado and you can see the rest up there!  Also Tempura Chicken, Tempura Squid and Tempura Prawn… a wide range!
Some very unique, and some very regular favorites.

The boyfriend chose his teriyaki chicken, and I chose my favourite salmon and avocado and the last one was a mutual choice of tempura squid! Something I don’t see often!!  Here’s a photo of the take away box, soy sauce and wasabi was offered free of charge a great bonus!

The amounts of teriyaki chicken and salmon was very generous and very tasty! Perhaps I was really hungry, but honestly I did not feel ripped off at all. It was aesthetically pleasing  and tastes fresh, not like something old.



hmm as he was paying, I decided to take some photos around and then saw this area of HOT food…being an especially cold and rainy day, thats just what I need!
The hot section had a selection of random tasty things! A mixture of Chinese korean and Japanese hot food. There was pototoe croquette, 2 for $3 . Dumplings (sold out), Spring rolls and Dagwood dog. Random, but all looked tasty, the dagwood dog was made of korean sausage i was told! Couldn’t help but also ask for one and the boyfriend agreed. Three sauces were offered, Mustard, Tomatoe or Bbq,  all of them are excellent choices.

In the end we had two sauces added to the dagwood dog, mustard and tomotoe as I found out the boyfriend doesn;t like mustard!



They also sold desserts! Thought not made by them, but ordered, they looked so tempting and the price was reasonable also.


We stayed for a bit and chatted to the friendly owner, who was from South Korea. She told me it was a family run business that hires some staff to help out.  Business doesn’t seem too good for them at the moment, as it is quite cold and its quite hard to turn into that place from St bernards, we had to do a U-turn to get there.

As we were finishing the dagwood dog, the owner asked us are we going home?
We said yes, and she passed us two potato croquettes and said, take these ><!
WE offered to pay, however she said , no its okay! Tell others to come here!

We said, Sure thing!

And hence, the first post of this blog, goes to them, great customer service , good and just a nice place to chill or get a haircut, $20.!


I give this place a 6.5/10,  room for improvement, however I didn’t try their coffee, which looked very tempting . Lots of tables to just sit and relax, before or after getting a haircut from the lady who has 18 years of experience in Korea as a hairdresser already.  You can get a haircut and coffee at the same time, interesting buisness link. there was some deals about spending over a specific amount and getting $2 coffee, I haven;t taken a photo yet though. Im sure in time, there will be more added to the menu as they develop a bigger customer base.


However, I shall endeavour to come again! As I like the location and the sushi was nice ! ^^

Image Image


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