Carpe Diem Creperie

I have stumbled upon this place by accident, when searching for a gluten free place to eat in the city, as my friend has Coeliac disease..

This is the menu , which gives you a choice of sweet or dessert!

As it was lunch time, we all chose savoury.


We were seated upstairs of the cafe, which has interesting decor and we shared a table with other customers, as the cafe was quite busy.


Interesting way to give culterly. My friend went to order for all three of us,so that we could keep our table. The line was very long and she waited a long time…

Nice decor, and I saw my friend sitting in the window by chance!


Crepes took a long time to arrive, we were quite hungry by that time. They did not come all at once, but more one by one…so whatever was hot before was definetely cold by the time the last crepe came, which was a bit dissapointing, as we all waited for each other before eating..


This was my friends crepe or Galette, it had tomatoes, cheese and meat I think! can’t remember exactly sorry! But she said it was quite nice..

My other friend and I both got the Salmon crepe, quite dissapointing for me really…was quite hungry after…presentation horrible…But what can we expect for a gluten free crepe I guess?? There was a very thin slice of smoked salmon with cheese and some cream cheese/dill on top…..

Very thin, the taste is alright…but just feel like I am paying $14.50 for this..I will still be hungry later…

Just a warning, this isnt lunch, but a snack really!

Perhaps a different crepe would be more filling…

But I have no intention to go back at the moment,
but I do recommend this plcae for people with Gluten Free or are vegetarians… As the taste is good…

But for people like me who are none of the above, its not really my piece of cake :P!!

I rate this 5.5/10 …

Service slow, expensive, not filling…etc..

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