Shiki -Teppanyaki

So the story begins of a surprise bookin at the famous Japanese Restaurant Shiki, located in the Hotel Intercontinental.

As my first time here, I was quite excited!

I must comment the service here is amazing!

We were seated at corner of the teppanyaki table (a large bbq style hot plate). We were then offered towels to clean our hands and handed the menu. Unfortunately I didnt take a photo of the menu :(! After each course, both our plates were cleared and we were given different plates to prepare us for the next course!

But lets just say there was a lot of choice~ and what caught our eye was the banquet meal sets, which everyone else seemed to order. If you did the math, you save quite a lot with the banquet teppankayki sets.

Asking our friendly waiter if it would be alright to share one set between two, she said “Of course!”

Glad with our order, we ordered the mid-priced which was about $120 if i recall…we also ordered a Main-size of sashimi, which I heard Shiki was famous for!

We were quite early and tablets were not yet full.

Heres a photo of our main Sashimi! which was about $24.
Generous , delicous , melt in your mouth fresh sashimi! There was salmon, tuna and I think it was king fish.
No stomach aches after this sashimi. Also LOVE the beautiful presentation.


This was a complimentary soba noodles, we got one each! We were worried as we had told them we would share, but they reassured us, this was free :)! We also shared a beuatiful pot of green tea included in the banquet, which was quite strong, but strong is authentic in my eyes. It was lovely how they treated us so well depsite only sharing the set…

Entree sashimi, that was included in the banquet. Very impressive as it was sliced thinly, I was glad we ordered the main as the entree size is quite small and we wouldn’t have been satisfied with just this 😛
Salmon and king fish (?)


A photo of how the teppanyaki set was like. Food is cooked directly infront of you. If you are not scared of the big fire chucked on to alcohol when cooking the beef (or big meats) sit where we sat, in the corner where the fire always seemed to be. If you are scared , like me, ask to be sat away from the fire ..i.e. anywhere else besides where we sat…

The fire did make the night not so majical, as the smoke and everything really gets into your eyes and clothes…I had to cover my face as I felt my contacts felt dry and I was scared it will melt..
I feel sorry for the chefs who are even closer to that fire.


Unfortunately, the food was eaten quite quickly, so not all of the dishes had photos..
with my dodgy memory, I also remember a delicious tempura of prawns and vegetables, teriyaki chicken and a medium delicious beef cooked in front of us with the teppanyaki, there was also asian greens.

Also a beautiful mushroom soup at the end with oyster mushrooms, was delicous.

Besides the beautiful sashimi, a delicous dessert finished the night off. it was definetly a highlight~ It looked beautiful and reminded me of the cake made by master chef contestants in a pressure test a few years back… Not being a big fan of chocolate, this was still AWESOME in my eyes.. No strong chocolate taste, it was light, the ice cream was delicous..!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shiki, I give an 8.5/10!! definetely will be back some day, a bit pricey, but worth the experience!

Great service, great food and a lovely place to spend a night with someone special or with friends :)!!

You can be assured no dodgy things will be done to your food!

Goochisousama deshita~!!

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