Zen Kitchen! Vietnemese Street Week~



Teriyaki chicken Rice Pastry~


Both are costing $5 each.. as a special introductory offer..

I say, SNACK!

Not for lunch unfortunately…leaves you hungry still.


Roast Pork rice pastry roll


These are also called Banh Cuon…aka Rice Pastry Rolls.

The photos look very tempting…however the meat choice on top is very scarce…the rice pastry itself was small in its amounts.however very tasty…It was similar to the Chinese rice rolls, but smaller…and not so slimy , as it was dry..

Besides the different toppings the base is generally the same, has the salad part think there was cucumber carrot, fried onion shallots, and a med spicy try sauce to go along with it.

It was takeaway only ..so we took it outside the shop to eat it.

I wouldn’t pay anything more than $5 for it, saying that I did not return that week to get a second serve, as it was a filling $5 lunch…

Nice effort, good presentation.but the amount given is not adequate, when its not $5 I m not sure it would be popular..

The rice pastry is given a 6/10 for me.


This was also part of Vietnamese street food week. They call this the Bun Bowls!
Which is a takeaway bowl of salad..and on the top is different toppings..

The choice of Spicy Lemon Grass Chicken, Roast Pork, Pork Meatloaf or House Special Combination. Spring rolls -Prawn and Pork or Vegetarian…I think!


Their quote of what was inside form their FB page:
“Rice vermicelli, pickled carrots, salads and a selection of grilled meats. topped with fried shallots, crushed peanuts and a sweet fish sauce on the side. It’s be a treat for your taste buds! yummmy”

This was much better than the Rice Pastry rolls! Filling content, they are going to be sold for $9.90  and for that week was  $5.

I went TWICE that week! It was just so good, I told my friends about it and brought the BF there.

For me, I love combinations and I tried the combination one TWICE…..I am afraid of new things…however , I also did sample the boyfriends spicy lemon grass aswell :3..


This is the Boyfriends SPicy Lemon grass Chicken Bowl…It is not THAT spicy…but has enough for taste…very good texture and not too dry…tasty~~~




This is my House Special Combination, that includes a spring roll chopped up, red meat loaf (which was sweet and new thing, not a big thing I liked…), Roast Pork (delicious but fat 😦  ) with fried onion shallots. Quite DRY. Sauce was provided, but it was no adequate enough. The first time I went there was more sauce…and the two of us had sauce to share! Second time round later in the week they stinged out on the sauce and mine was much too dry :(!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sauce was a sweet chilli style sauce in a takeaway container.



The staff stated it was takeaway when we took the food only, so another way of saying, you can’t eat in here…so we had to find tables outside the shop…understandable…however we felt why not let us have a seat if theres so many?


SO other that service was not too great overall, they provided us everything to takeaway…even when we went outside their shop, funny looks were given to us…a bit rude I think!  But ofcourse that was by a few staff only…

I give the salad bowl a 8/10, for the $5 price its value! $10,  I dont think so…I can get soonta salad bowel for about $7-$8, and that was really tasty!! Stick around $5-6 and they would right.. And more sauce please!!!!

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