St Louis-House of Fine Ice Cream and Dessert


I stumbled upon this place one night, when looking for dessert, I hadn’t really had a proper dinner~ but that doesn’t deter me away from getting dessert first :P!

After passing San churros, Dessert story and so forth, I came upon St Louis. I have heard it was good from people, but had yet to try the place and I was looking forward to it…However as we walked in we saw the tables were all full..we were thinking of leaving, but then a waiter came out and asked us if we were willing to wait about 10 minutes, we decided to wait…and not within a few minutes later about 2-3 people left and alas we were seated quickly after the tables were cleared. :)!

We were handed very beautiful hard cover menus which had beautiful pictures inside, it felt like a book and it contained the background story of the place and had the menu within..

I must also comment on the beautiful interior decoration, not having been to France before, I can’t really comment on the similiarity..but the place had a nice vibe to it , and the beautiful lantern style lights at the top gave it an awesome feeling…

20130815_220027 Lantern lights at the ceiling

As a bit hungry I decided on a savoury crepe and my companion decided on a dessert crepe, and of course we decided to share.

I ordered the Smoke Salmon Crepe and my companion got a dessert crepe with banana and sweet caramel sauce with icecream.
Unfortunately I forgot the names of these crepes! Just note that you need to go up to the counter to order~..

I love salmon , and I love crepes, In every crepe place I got to , I must try the salmon crepes! Dessert crepes are not my thing usually :P!

I recieved the crepe about 15-20 minutes later, gave us plenty of time to chat and to take photos of the decor.

When they came, both came at the same time. The cultery was given to in a beautiful paper pouch with a napkin inside, nice touch :D!


We ate the dessert first, as it was melting~! The crepe is still warm and it was delicious~! However, I am not a big fan of caramel and things that are too sweet, so I found the dessert crepe a bit too much sugar overload for me..thus I looked forward to the savoury~ this was $12.90

20130815_220708[1] Banana Caramel Crepe

The savoury was awesome! There was a generous amount of salmon in the crepe, however when cut in half, we found most of salmon was distributed on one side, not a problem unless sharing. Inside is also fresh avocado and to the side of the plate is some fresh greens. Not sure what was on the side plate, but think it was sour cream ??? But it added a nice flavour to the crepe.

20130815_220638[1]Salmon Crepe

Not sure if I was very hungry, but this was very nice! I would not mind going there again, the price is also not too bad, $12.90 a crepe, cheaper that Carpe Diem Crepe, but waaayy more filling and delicious! I would come back more often, if it wasn’t so far away from my uni~ :P!!

Comparing with mothers crepe, yes its more expensive ~ However I feel so much more satisfied having this crepe, mothers crepes salmon crepe is also not that filling, more like a snack. I think I also prefer eating crepes on a plate rather than wrapper up, it just makes the experience so much nicer and not so messy.

I highly recommend the salmon crepe, if deciding a crepe. However, as I haven’t yet tried the rest, soo I’d say you can’t really go wrong with anything.

I would definitely go again sometime just to try what else they have on offer!


St Louis House of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert on Urbanspoon

I give this place a 8/10 at the moment as only have tasted two of their menu, friendly staff, nice decor and nice food.!

Photos all up now 🙂


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