The Sebel Playford

So on the weekend I had a function to attend at the Sebel Playford, having gone here a few times, I had high expectations…!

Menu taken from my friends photos as mine was quite blurry:

So the night started off with an entree:

Which was large prawn with the head and tail intact, but skin removed from the centre.
The green blobs were avocado, my friend and I were hoping the green stuff was avocado and the red slices were salmon.

We were dissapointed however when we found out that was not salmon, but tomoato :(!!

Underneath the prawn was so Bug tail mash, in mine however I found there was still some skin, which made it less appetising :(.

The dip with the Tobiko balls at the bottom of the plate was delicous! And mixed well with the plate.. Good presentation , but needs a little more work on making sure shells are all removed.


After an hour or so later, past 9 pm I think it was the Mains came out…everyone was very hungry by then.


This consisted of a chicken wrapped in what I thught was bacon, a peice of beef with spinach on top and a lasagne like pot…interesting design!

This was enough for a girl like me, but not for a growing guy like my boyfriend who expected much more 😛

Comments: Chicken was avery dry and not tasty, same with the meat around it-Okay checked its called Jamon Roulade ! Definetly needs improvement…! Beef was slightly better, hard to cut, however some parts were nice and juicy. The little pot which was like a healthier version of a lasagne to me…was okay… lacked any punch or interest to it…interesting concept and plating up I need to admit. There was also some pumpkin smash smeared along the plate..All in all the three parts of the dish didn’t go that well together 😦


Sorry for bad quality photo of the Dessert, as lighting was bad and I forgot to bring my flash =.=;; If you can see its a Dark Chocolate and ALmond Fudge cake, with cream on the side.. Unfortunately it wasn’t ice cream 😦 I dont like cream or chocolate that much :P! But i guess every one was dancing and stuff not many people were at the table at the same time as dessert being served, so many icecreams would have melted I guess..

So it wasnt a big hit for me..the decorations with strawberries and mixed berries was nice!
Presentation for mine was good, however as  i looked around I saw everyones was different, some looked good, some looked very bad…not consistent.

The cake wasn’t too rich, I was looking for the almond though, couldn’t taste any…:(
The boyfriend finished most of my cake off and I stole his berries, good trade..!


**Update: Stolen from my friend:

See the differences?


Apologies another bad photo , this is the Petit Fours.

Just chocolates for us at the end. Nothing special, I tried one mint chocolate, thought it was nuts…bit dissapointed once again 😦

Despite all the disappointments that night, it was still a great night for me!

Service was pretty good !  Waiters were nice and helpful , which is an improvement form the last time I went…

The food could of been faster, but yes there was a lot of people that night…

Quality of food needs to be upped a bit, especially for the high price we paid to go there..

Decorations of place and of food, good, just need to work on that consistency..

Worth the try if you have time or money 🙂 Just a note out there this is a place that you can try with the “Festival of Food Voucher”  which is a really value for money voucher you collect stamps with.

Score: 6.5/10

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One thought on “The Sebel Playford

  1. I had lunch today at the bar however the same meal appears as entree in the dining room
    A seafood plate. Consisting of fine cucumber ribbons. Fresh diced salmon & a white fish very thinly slices and dry toast $18.95. No flavour what so ever & tiny tiny
    tiny thank goodness I ordered wedges

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