United Latino Cocina

After a failed attempt to go to this place on the Monday of last week~ as my friends did not like the sound of paying more tha $10 for a meal, I finally was able to go on Thursday!

Thanks to the boyfriend for treating me ^_^!!! Though not as cheap as food courts and such, this place is a medium range of cost, not too high but not that cheap. But I believe in quality of quantity (usually :P) and this was tasty food for an average price!

I have been reading people’s reviews on this place and was looking forward to this day!

On the thursday however, it was quite rainy 😦 So as well stumbled upon this little hidden place, we saw that the inside tables were already full, and the only ones left were outside in the cold rain :(. So we decided to wait, despite being a bit short on time..

The waiter reassured us people would be leaving soon, and a few minutes later voila~ we had some seats at the back bench! We stared at their menu and soon we saw someone leave on a proper table and we moved down 🙂

Not understanding a lot of the ingredients on the menu (which was not very extensive at the time) made it a bit hard for me~ what was spicy and what was not was unclear~~~ I did hear form the Smiling Foodie the ULC hot dog looked good…however, I decided to try something random instead and got a soup, not really knowing it was a soup! The boyfriend ordered chicken and spinach Quessidiliia-Yum!!!

Both were really good in their different ways and the food came out suprinsingly fast! I guess they need to be fast, as there seemed to be a never ending line of customers waiting to be seated.

Service was okay for a busy place, orders were made at the counter, where you can see the chefs working. You could also grab some table water yourself.

Food came fast!

The soup had nice crunchy stuff, inside -not sure what it is- and had a lot of beans and other things which made it a lil spicy, but not that spicy. It had beautiful presentation on top and was great for such a rainy day!

The Quessidilla was the best I’ve had so far 😛 Thats only been twice! But it was great value for money compared getting them at TGIFs ><!!! Tasty and delicous, I would get this again-after trying out the other things on the menu first though!

When we left the chefs said good bye- a very nice touch to a fast and pleasant meal! Just gives them that extra point for service.

I give this place a 7.5 – hopefully to be increased after going again, and definetly trying that hot dog (cause I saw someone eating it next to me( next time and hopefully a taco ^^!!!

Apologies for dodginess of my phone photos 😦
Chicken Quessidilia Image
Mexican Soup (Apologies forgot to take a picture of the menu with the proper name)


Stalker shot that didn’t work so well~ you can see its a busy place as we shared this table with two others..


Cutlery in a bag, which i love~

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