Can hardly spell the name of this Shop!!

Well long time no see peoples!

Sorry, been a bit distracted! Still been eating out ..but less than before :)!!!

Well this place was discovered from reading other people’s blogs and also noticed it after walking out from a nearby interview… the first time I went in i just got a soy mocha :)! PRETTY IMPRESSED!!

So today I went another time round, just to see what else they had to offer 🙂

I got another soy mocha…Not sure if it was good as the first time round, but I wasn’t dissapointed 🙂 I must say I’ve been drinking a LOT more coffee this year …Just need that extra kick to wake me up from the lack of sleep…So compared to the many coffee I have had..this coffee rates preeeeeeeeeety high on my books!!

My friend who came today avid coffee addict also said it was good…so it’s up there 😉


the big let down for me was the food…I ordered a Filo Pastry-chicken and Mushroom..
Preetyy below average.. it was $9…definitely not worth it! The person heating it up also did not do a good enough job…it was definitely cold inside..But I decided I couldn’t be bothered asking them to heat it up I’m a messy eater..I left half of it uneaten…

It was quite creamy inside and I felt a bit nauseous after..not sure if it was due to that..But I definitely did NOT feel like finishing it..

My friend also wanted to try some dessert- so we got the citrus tart…it looks appealing! Very pretty..I’ll upload pictures late..

the taste..hmmm not as good as I hoped!

It was quite overly sweet…too much sugar plz…..Maybe that’s just me ?

my friend said it wasn’t too costs $6.30… not that cheap~!

Would I go back for coffee??


FOOD? No, I’ll go some where else..

Gotta give this a lowish markk overall..

Customer service: 6.5/10 – coffee maker was nice…the other staff member failed to heat my pastry! But they did offer me a plate and culterly when they realised I was eating inside..

9/10 Coffee

FOOD: 3/10 ! May seem harsh..but I am put off by the pastry 😛

The need to work on food for sure! they gotta match that good coffee 🙂

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