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I came here last night with high expectations.. As I looked through at the door, there was an advertisement for more staff to be recruited- Japanese speaking was preferred. That raised my expectations a bit higher, that it may be more authentic ramen- hoping for what I had in Japan!


I can’t say my expectations were met…but it did give off the feel of being in a ramen bar in Japan, noisy , crowded.,.I like the atmosphere of the place and there was nice decorations..

Like other people have mentioned, it is quite noisy and you do have to share tables… but I am cool with that! Nothing new to me …the more people that can be inside, the better I guess business wise.

I ordered the only ramen dish that did not have Pork in it… I just wanted to try something different..so I got the prawn ball ramen in Chicken Broth-with sour soup-Prawn Balls actually tasted really nice..it didn’t feel like a normal store bought ball..but something they probably made or imported specially…

but for more authentic tastes, I suggest you get the Pork Ramen-in which both my other friends got.


One friend had a spicy broth noodle and the other had a normal one -both in pork broth.

Having a taste of my friend’s soups, I can’t say the spicy one was too spicy.. and the other one..tasted alright..  My own broth was slightly weird..but I got used to it..


I’ve heard some others who have been there have complained that it felt like a snack, but it was already too much noodles for me! A generous serve with beautiful presentation.


The staff felt at times like they were rushing us, asking us to order almost straight away and repeatedly..we know you are busy..but do you really have to bother us every two minutes.. ?


the prices are a bit on the more expensive side for ramen -in my opinion!


around $14-$15.50 per bowl… Meals came out pretty quickly..

Having a look at the menu , they also cater for non-ramen eaters. ..also having curry, rice balls and a range of side dishes- an interesting one to note was the kimchee option 😛 Also had takoyaki and dumplingsm karrage.. (didn’t try though)

-Drinks wise- I reckon they should include in the menu! But the do have drinks displayed on a shelf..


I’d be back! Maybe to try some other things nice time,,

4/5 Food.

3/5 Service (need improvement)

Overall 3.5/5

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